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RogueKiller 12.8.6

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RogueKiller 12.8.6


 How great it would be if you got a free of cost solution to take care of malware infections in your usual processes and dll files on your system? A lot of times, an anti-virus solution blocks a threat before it starts on your system, usually from its known similar signature, however, many times they are just false positives and they do no harm to your PC. Then, sometimes you might actually download a file without any threat, but it starts infecting your dll files and other processes that can hang your system or corrupt the data. RogueKiller is an advanced tool that is dedicated to save you from them.


 RogueKiller is written in C++, which scans your running processes for any malware infection that might not ship with it initially but later may be introduced by other viruses. It kills those processes and saves your system from spreading the infection any further. These are just temporary and hence, it is quite possible that the process will run safely the next time. At the same time, it is also possible that the malware might affect some other process. RogueKiller thus, kills rogue processes.


 Often malware and infected processes change your HOSTS file, DNS settings and block you from connecting to the internet and also lead to other issues whenever you run a certain application. Just removal is not the cure because many times the amateur user is not aware of so many different settings and controls and hence, RogueKiller also restores the previous settings after killing any security threats, bad processes.

 Not Always Alone

- RogueKiller can also help you avoid fake security threats that avoid you from running an application or opening a certain site due to fake security threats, blocked permissions, certificate errors. Once RogueKiller clears all the fake paths you can run any good anti-virus solution program to remove those malware, spyware or whatever causing these troubles. 
- Often, even after an anti-virus scans the system, it would still have certain issues because of fake security certificates. RogueKiller helps identify them and kills them so that they can be removed by your antivirus. 
- It has a beautiful and easy to understand user interface. It can fix shortcuts manipulated by infections, quickly scan your entire system for hidden threats. 


Changes on the new version:
- Added detections
- Fixed a bug in LNK cleanup
- Added powershell path parser

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